Welcome to Automotive Robotics Proving Labs

Automotive Robotics Proving Labs (ARPL) is an engine test and development facility located in East Peoria, Illinois. ARPL boasts a secure, 48,000 square foot facility which is conveniently located near Interstate 74. The facility is capable of operating engines up to 4500 HP and can perform a multitude of different tests, including emissions development.  ARPL also offers an experienced mechanics division, performance development engineers, and a full in-house fabrication shop. Our passion is to reduce engine emissions and help make the environment a safer and cleaner place to live for future generations.

We're ready to serve you.
Automotive Robotics Proving Labs is ready and able to serve your emissions and dyno testing needs. Contact ARPL's Director of Testing and Analysis at 309-691-2533 or via email at info@arpldyno.com to schedule a facility tour today!